Content to educate and inspire in a time of crisis.

Our approach

Improving and expanding on the client’s existing video assets

We created a variety of thoughtful and engaging campaigns AQA that enabled the education charity to communicate its core messages through beautifully designed video work.

Our work was tonally prescient in the sense that we considered how best to communicate each campaign based on its purpose. We created a range of films that delivered key information in clear, engaging ways, from playful software explainers to more serious advisory films for teachers.

We took the bold colour palettes and geometric designs from the AQA brand and used these to build 2D video packages, 3D worlds, and a variety of explainer videos.

Our designs made sure that each film was decidedly AQA’s, yet we managed to inject something new and exciting into every project to make every campaign stand out.

We’ve really valued Honest Video’s expertise in video and animation, their creative input, and project management, particularly when working to tight deadlines. Their communication throughout has been brilliant, and are incredibly supportive throughout all stages of production, from brief and scoping through to final delivery. Our watch-through rate, average view mark, and % of viewers that actually watch the content from start to finish have increased significantly.

Lauren Boothman, Content Manager at AQA

Keeping radio relevant

Over 10,000 attendees tuned in throughout the pandemic

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